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Okay, even though most of you thought I should pull a new winner from the prior entrants, I gave that some thought and decided against because the winner still won, as I’ve replaced the gift with $$.

Wanna win an iPod? How ’bout I make this INCREDIBLY simple- so simple that it seems unfair?

Comment. That’s what will get you into the contest. All you have to do between now and August 3rd, when the contest closes, is be the one who is most active in the comments here, the top commenter. You can comment on new posts, old posts, etc. Just make sure they’re valid comments because if you’re not adding to the conversation or participating in your comment, I won’t count it for you.

I have added a new widget that shows the Top Commenters overall, but I will be counting from today, the day the contest posts up to the day that it closes on August 3rd, so those numbers in the Top Commenters widget will not be an accurate measure of who is ahead as the Top Commenter.

All you have to do is get active and start talking amongst yourselves and with me of course. šŸ˜€ Additionally, due to import taxes and the unfairness of receiving a gift and having to pay for it, I’m limiting this contest to the United States and Canada. I simply don’t want the winner to have to pay import taxes on a gift, it’s just not right. The next contest will have a different prize that won’t be subject to import taxes so it will not be limited by country. I look forward to August 1st when the contest closes.



8 thoughts on “Win an iPod Shuffle

  1. Okay, well, I’m off to bed now. It’s so amazing how quick a week passes by! Have fun, Sabrina! šŸ˜Ž As you mentioned, it was “simple” for us, so I hope it’ll be “simple” for you to look at the comments!

  2. Haha Rachel, I kind of understand what you mean. Annick, I agree with you, this is a great idea for a contest and I hope to see all of you around here and chatting! šŸ˜€

  3. I am one of the prior entrants and I support your idea for a new contest. That’s only fair. When I answered the poll about how you should dispose with the prize, I was pleased to know that you valued our opinion. How generous and thoughtful of you to begin a new contest. :mrgreen: I am very impressed in how you handled things. I admire the fact that everyone has a fair chance at winning. Thanks for the opportunity. šŸ˜›

  4. Hi Sabrina,
    Like Jessica, I’ve never had to pay for any taxes either. So is the contest still restricted? šŸ˜›

  5. Wow! Fantastic contest idea and best of luck everyone! šŸ˜Ž Once again, thank you so much for having a contest like this. For the previous winner, was there import taxes when the iPod Shuffle was labeled as a “GIFT?” I’ve never had to pay for something when I received it if it was labeled as a gift, so I always make sure to tell people that so I don’t get charged.

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