Cocky or Confident?

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Have you ever met someone who you were put off by immediately because of they way they acted? Like they were better than their surroundings and thusly, better than you? Ever try to talk to someone who seemed to be in another place while you were trying to hold a conversation with them?

Normally we expect people to be warm and friendly and quick to smile when we engage them in conversation. But what about those times where you smile and start a conversation with someone who doesn’t seem interested, or worse, doesn’t respond at all? Do you give those people another chance after your first impression of them? Do you make sure to tell everyone you thought that person was a jerk or was rude?

Now, imagine having a 50 hour a week job managing three people who are underpaid and don’t want to work, add to that a husband and two children ages 8 and 5, add to that three best friends, a mother and two sisters who call intermittently expecting you to stop, drop and chat for at least an hour. Add to that laundry for four people, dishes for four people every night and dinner to cook for four people.

Then there’s the work you brought home because there would be no other time to do it. Overwhelmed yet? Throw in a car in the shop, so you’re carpooling with hubby, which means you both have to get up earlier and someone’s doing double driving duty to get the kids to daycare in the morning and the birthday party that still needs to be planned for next week.

Now are you overwhelmed? This is a typical workday for most people, female or male, we all have a hell of a load to carry on a normal basis, we are a very stressed out people. If you’re a person who has all these hats to wear everyday and manages it, and even has the audacity to manage it well, a little confidence and pride is in order.

Sometimes confidence can be mistaken for cockiness to others and give the impression that we are pompous or rude, or worse, better than everyone else. I’ve been guilty of putting off that vibe and I have a friend who is constantly getting a bad rep because of the way she comes off to people, but as my friend I know her better than that. I know that she’d give the shirt off her back if someone needed it. I know that last year when she saw a fire off a country road and no fire trucks she pulled right over and ran inside, without for a second thinking of herself. I know that she’s fought through trials and tribulations like none I’ve ever seen and that anyone who calls her cocky or pompous can’t possibly know anything about her.

I believe those of us that have confidence issues or inferiority issues, have a big problem with the confidence of others. Confident, successful people walk with their heads held high and their eyes on the future and the prize, and won’t let things get in the way of their goals, they feel they’ve paid their dues and they want to collect on their hard work. How dare they!

Some of us make judgments before we even talk to a person. There is one problem with this method; deciding what type of person someone may be before letting them affect that decision is shortsighted and will only serve to keep you from knowing some really fabulous people.

Have you been guilty of judging someone without truly knowing them? I know I have been, and I know I’ve also been mistaken for a cocky and pompous person and wanted another chance to show I am not at all that way..

Have you been accused of being cocky, rude or pompous? How did you react and did you do anything to change the persons’ mind?



5 thoughts on “Cocky or Confident?

  1. I have been accused of being rude, but it was by my older sister, so I guess that does still count! Other people, holy smokes, trust me, I’ve met my share of cocky people in my life, it was pretty terrible. I believe everyone judges everyone…on the way to work, on public transit, everywhere. For example, a student driver car…what does one immediately think of? I think you all know what I mean, haha. I actually ask all my friends at one point, “What did you think of me when you first met me?” I have never come off as cocky or confident. I’m actually outgoing, but am I super confident? Not really.

  2. I have always been a very confident outgoing person. I have noticed that some people perceive my confidence as cockiness, especially my superiors at work. šŸ˜• I have always had hard time with authority, somehow my confidence does cross over to cockiness if I feel threatened or misjudged. In that situation, I lose my temper and composure. šŸ˜” Somehow men in the workplace feel threatened by my confidence and determination. Most of the time, I am myself but if someone makes me feel incompetent or inadequate, I get defensive and cocky. I have my father to thank for that! Most people do not know that side of me, but when I lose my cool and get cocky you’ll know it. And as for meeting someone acting cocky and condescending, let me tell you right now, if you’re trying to impress me by acting like a jerk, you’ve failed right of the bat. :roll:

    Annicks last blog post..Complicated

  3. I have to admit that I have judged my supervisors and higher ups based on how I thought they looked or how they acted. Sometimes, they did surprise me and were not what I thought were but most of the time they were exactly how I thought.

  4. I was told by my last supervisor that I was cocky and I knew the minute she told me that why she was saying it and it was really just a misunderstanding between us.

    Rather than ask her for time off, as was the way of that office, I had mistakenly “Informed” her that I would be off for a certain reason. That was a no no and was misconstrued as cockiness on my part. I was offended because I thought she knew me better than that. Sadly, she didn’t or maybe she didn’t appreciate that I was getting something she wasn’t in building a new home, either way she was wrong. I have to admit though I am a jealous person and sometimes am guilty of making that same brash judgment on others. But I do try to always give people a second chance.

  5. I have been. I ask ppl in my family and close friends what they thought of me, even my bestest friend since childhood said i could be a snoty bitch sometimes never to her but she could see how some ppl would get that from me. but then i got some ppl who said i was loving and nurturing, confident, my dad said i was self centered …pasha i said to that, he must not remember all the things i do at his house all the labor hours i put in there just cause he is my daddy… I do alot for others i jus tdont remind them like they would remind me what they have done for me.
    I am a confident person, and if your lacking in that department you might think i was a bitch..sorry for ya, I say. I am guilty though of feeling less then around ppl who are better off then me. maybe that jealousy rearing its ugly little head.

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