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I’m listening to a radio show this morning, as you all know I do so much. I flip through lots of them…very diverse listener I am. Billy Madison, the DJ on The Edge here locally starts talking about being labeled as a Metro-Sexual and how glad he is that it’s over for that term.

But now there’s a new one. Oh yes…Gastro-Sexual – to get to a woman’s heart apparently the new craze is learning how to and cooking for your girl. I can say of course, there is no shame in that game, men are usually picky eaters and since that’s usually the case, you know you’ll get quality food if a man is cooking for you.

I definitely think there’s some validity to this new fad because I think if a man is willing to stop watching cops, drinking beer or grunting over his car long enough to cook you a meal, bitch you better appreciate it. I think it’s a shocking thing in most cases to see a man cooking for a woman, typically and as idealized in the media, that’s what women do, so I encourage this because so many of us women have taken up so many male roles in the workforce, this shows they’re starting to meet us halfway. Or trying, and I’m all for that.


My Jason cooks, and in the interest of fairness and equality he doesn’t wash a single dish unless he just wants to (and who wants to?). I don’t think the cook should ever clean, just doesn’t seem fair.

I think it needs a new term though because GastroSexual sounds like something you don’t want anything to do with, like sex with a fart or something. Ew! Is it just me or do you think this is a weird term too? What do you think about the idea, men cooking to get to a woman’s heart, you think it’ll work?



4 thoughts on “Who Thinks of These Things?

  1. My husband cooks for me, he is the main cooker. I never really learned to cook so I don’t really enjoy it so, I think that will change once we have kids. But when it comes to the Crock-Pot, I am all over that!

    But gastrosexual is just wrong, please they need a different word. I agree that when I hear the word gastro I think of farts and upset tummies. Not good.

  2. Haha, I totally think you nailed it with it and saying that it needs to be a new term. I do think gastrosexual is quite a disgusting and weird word, ack! As for men cooking, it can’t get any sexier than that. 😉 A great cook and if it tastes good, yummy!

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