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Everyone gets tired of their job at some point. We all have days that are harder than others and I’m sure we’d all at some point like to tell them to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. I feel that way pretty often as well, nothing out of the norm, but in the back of my mind for all these years I’ve been working I’ve always wanted to work at home doing transcription.

Working at home would allow me to spend more time on MouthyGirl and with my son and hubby and if I could make it work financially I think I would be very happy. On that same token however, the job I have is not some cubicle everyone does the same job type of a job. I like that. I enjoy the people except for one most days and this job challenges me in ways I’ve never experienced. I could take this job and really set up a nice career as a legal assistant if I play my cards right, which to a lot of people is a good job, lot in life or whatever.

My bosses always act and talk as if they wouldn’t be able to function without me there, but they have before and they could again and I’m not foolish enough to think I’m not replaceable. I am. I also know I have a very rounded skill set and have been able to do things for them that they would previously pay several people to do. I’ve filled a lot of spots there and like to be needed. But there’s one person who makes that job harder than it has to be by the way he treats people, including me.

But at the end of the day, my biggest problem is, do I sacrifice pride for a job that I’m needed in? Do I allow someone to speak to me in a manner I would never let anyone else? Hubby says that I’ve made such a difference there that it might possibly hurt things if I’m not there, I have a hard time accepting that responsibility. Thinking I’ve made that big a difference would be quite conceited of me.

There’s a high turnover there because of this person and he must somehow know that people don’t really like being spoken to the way he does. I try to remind myself that every job comes with it’s bullshit, but I’ve never in all my years of working, been spoken to the way he has spoken to me. I think I’m getting stronger, as there was a problem/issue yesterday and I was able to stand my ground pretty well I think, but still, should I have to bristle to be prepared for an onslaught every day?

Maybe I’m putting the cart before the horse. I’ve got a lead on getting some work on the side, maybe I should just go with it and see what happens. What do y’all think?


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  1. Sabrina, I have considered volunteering. I was a volunteer from 8th grade til my second year in college at a hospital so that was the first place I looked. I called three local hospitals, they were excited to have me as a volunteer, but then I told them about my limitations and they said “No Thanks” and turned me down, same with the Cancer Society and the Alzheimers Association. And getting there is no problem, I drive and have my own car, they didn’t like me having limitations on my walking and speaking. Which I thought was odd for the kind of organizations they are and it hurt me.

  2. @Beckie – Have you considered volunteering? Possibly holding babies or at a local animal shelter? Not sure if you can drive, but if so, that might just be the outlet you need….then there’s always us on MouthyGirl!

  3. I stopped working in October 05 because of surgery. I have not gone back because of health conditions that limit me. I have to say at first it was great being at home, but now after almost three years of being home, I don’t like it. It is very lonely, no interaction with other people. When I am able to get out (I have walking issues, I have a nuerological condition that has made me handicaped) I have found that I have become that chatty person in stores with salespeople and just start up conversations with them, just cause I need that socialization. I miss working in an office or in retail with people.

  4. I would say something… the the man… even if he is a man that signs your checks he still hasnt the right to treat or talk to you poorly. you have to stand up for yourself and what you believe. be prepared though to look for a new place of employment cause it coudl go either way you know.. he might be laike damn , i didnt realize i was that bad or he could aplogize and try and work things out for the companies best interest

  5. Oh wow, I hope everything will work out in a way that you want. In my opinion, I think your job sounds quite decent, you gain new experiences each and every day and if you’re learning too, that’s fantastic. I mean, we do choose jobs where we try to enhance our skills and all that. However, if you’re not happy with your job I think it might be time for a change, such as how he talks to you, that truly is BS. Anyways, this does require a lot of thinking and decisions, I wish you the best and keep us updated. We’ll definitely try to help you out. 😉

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