Hey Baby, What’s Your Sign?

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I caught you looking! Now that I have your attention, what’s your sign baby? Maybe our stars are aligned tonight….


I’m an Aries which is a Fire Element, my sign being the Ram. My favorite colors are red and white and the only sign I don’t like is Libra. That means that chances are that you and me will get along beautifully.

I am headstrong and willful and have a hard time with being told “no” or telling anyone “no”. I am strong in my convictions, values and morals and am always willing to teach what I know.

I have really great qualities like being outgoing, energetic, dynamic (sometimes), courageous, generous, strong, and extravagant but I can also sometimes be arrogant, insecure, jealous, and concerned too much with others’ opinions.

Have you ever met another person who was the same sign and were you a lot alike? I have and we were, it was craziness.

I have yet to meet an enemy and I love to talk with people. I have a sympathetic ear and empathetic heart. All of these traits describe me pretty well, but I also think they’re pretty generalized qualities. What’s your sign and what are the characteristics of it?

Check out my constellation!


6 thoughts on “Hey Baby, What’s Your Sign?

  1. Jessica, I think it goes way back. but genenerally ppl that are born under a certain sign tend to have traits that go along with that sign

  2. Does anyone know how they come up with those traits? Was it one person or did a group of people form and just decided the traits? I’ve always been curious to know about constellations and it is truly a topic that fascinates me. I have always been interested in astrology, but I have had no time to actually read much about it. 😐 I don’t read those weird looking star charts in the newspaper, those are just odd, haha, but I do glance at my horoscope when I remember. I might take an option on it if I can in the near future…

  3. “Scorpios are Fire signs. They tend to be very strong-willed but know their strengths and weaknesses. While generally being stubborn, demanding, obsessive, possessive and easily angered, Scorpios can be supportive, protective, generous, brave, loyal and thoughtful. People born under this sign are strong and fiery but make good friends and intense partners. ” another one that is commenly included is passionate. I fit this to a T really:)

  4. Hmm, have I met someone that’s also a Virgo…I’ll have to think about it, haha. “In astrology, Virgo is considered a “feminine”, negative (introvert) sign. It is also considered an earth sign and is one of four mutable signs. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. Virgo is the only zodiac sign represented by a female!” The traits totally match me, which is awesome! I think I’ll spend the rest of my morning reading about my sign. Anyways, here are a few of the traits:

    Analytical / critical / insightful
    Mental / intelligent / inquiring
    Responsible / reliable
    Hygienic / clean

  5. I am a Leo, the sun sign.
    The Leo traits are:
    Generous and warmhearted
    Creative and enthusiastic
    Broad-minded and expansive
    Faithful and loving, and that is definately me, but the ones that they focus on are:
    Pompous and patronizing
    Bossy and interfering
    Dogmatic and intolerant, so not me!

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