Why Do We Care About the Olympics?

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I understand that the Olympics is supposed to be a big deal. But why? Because people spend their whole lives in sports and get good at it? If I spent my whole life playing a sport, I would be good to, or I better be. On any given Sunday on ESPN I can see any of this if I want to. ANY OF IT!

I don’t watch any sports besides basketball because I’m not interested. Not interested at all. The Olympics are no exception. Sure it’s amazing these people can perform under pressure like that, yes, that’s nice.

Tell me this though, I’ve heard that the participants have been arriving to the Olympics and promptly donning masks because of the pollution. Um, hello!? Is anybody in there? How well can an athlete perform if he takes off that mask and is immediately subjected to pollution at levels he or she is not accustomed to?

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say on the topic. I still don’t care after reading it.

Are the Olympics supposed to be some grand showing of worldwide goodwill that we can play together? Of course we can play together! It’s politicking that we can’t do together morons!

So what makes the Olympics such a big deal? Can you enlighten me?


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  1. I get excited about the Summer and Winter Olympics, mainly for the gymnastics in the Summer and the Skating in Winter. The only reason I am so fascinted with these sports and the people that compete in them is because it is not something I can do. I used to do gymnastics and skating when I was younger but when my condition presented itself, I couldn’t do them anymore, which saddened me.

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