GirlFriday Six Months Baby!

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I thought about what I was going to write about this morning and decided that it was boring, so here I sit eating my spicy chicken sandwich, courtesy of Wendy’s (no I didn’t see P. Diddy, but I heard he likes it), at lunch and I only have a few minutes. Unfortunately, my connection at home is crapped out right now so let’s make this quick and I’ll be back later to tell y’all more…

It’s been a super long week hasn’t it? Has seemed like it to me. The Olympics start tonight….big whoop. Like Beckie I used to watch the Gymnastics competition, but even that doesn’t interest me anymore.

What will y’all be doing this weekend? I think we’re going bowling, lol. Should be interesting given that the only bowling I’m good at is on the Nintendo DS. 🙂

I need ideas for getting outta the house on the cheap, so I think I’m going to pay a visit to, Trent always inspires me to be frugal, and I need inspiration!

Remind me to tell you guys about my aversion to water activities and sports, my best friend thought it quite funny and I love to make y’all laugh…


2 thoughts on “GirlFriday Six Months Baby!

  1. Hey girl . . . I hope you had a great weekend . . . I went to Knoebels
    (a fun amusement park in Elysburg PA) . . . now we are off to church
    this morning . . . no other big plans. I will have to check out the
    site you mentioned in your post . . . I am all about cheap fun!!

  2. My husbands good friend and our best man in our wedding is coming into town to visit before he and his girlfriend head down to Branson. We just got a Wii, so I think we will be Wiiing it up and doing whatever other things they would like to do. My birthday is Wednesday so *I* am unofficially starting to celebrate!
    Got my present from parents, it is a cutting board in the shape of a cow! I LOVE COWS!

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