GirlFriday: Got Time for a Quickie?

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Hee hee. I was looking for a great Friday video to share with y’all and well. I found one. I got 1:17 into it and had to stop it to post it because I was so excited about it.

This group is called “The Darkness”. Here’s the video:

Now tell me something. Do they really pass for “The Darkness”? And what’s up with the dude with wings doing the Carlton Dance the whole time. The video started off pretty cool and I thought hey, this might be good. insert smilie. Then I started watching the video and like I said. I got 1:17 into it and had to stop it. That was hilarious! You think they took themselves seriously?

What a farce! Who let those guys have a video budget? Can you find me some wacky hilarious videos?


2 thoughts on “GirlFriday: Got Time for a Quickie?

  1. totally funny! when the darkness first came out I thought they were werid but this just puts icing on that for me…and lucky for them I like weird music:) YAY the darkness…I havent seen this vid yet very cool! super silly

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