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Can I borrow someone’s mojo today? Mine’s not working, I think she stayed home because as soon as I left my apartment this morning I knew my mojo had left me.

I walked outside, locked the door. Turned and took the first two of thirty steps to the ground floor and promptly lost my balance, my footing and my pride. All. At. Once.

MouthyGirl ate it. Oh yes, two steps down and my feet didn’t do as I said, instead they gave out and came right out from under me, or should I say went too far under me and left me hurling forward with nothing but my arms to save me.

Thankfully. They did. I have a gash on my shin and scrape marks on my cute shoes and worse I’m going to have a ginormous bruise on my hand. Very ladylike.

I’m trying not to let this ruin my day. But what’s worse and adds insult to injury is that my neighbor saw. me. fall. It’s not so bad when nobody sees you, that is much easier to laugh off. But now my neighbor has a story to tell at work – about me! Falling!


Here’s a link to the actual video but Universal won’t let you embed their videos, so you got a cheezy one, sorry.

Yes, it’s okay to laugh about me falling. Even get a visual, but if you laugh hysterically and get in trouble and you dare blame it on me – I’m going to have to hurt you.

But you get the point. Also, I have the idea for a new contest, but am drawing a blank on what you guys would want, so tell me what kind of prizes appeal to you for $50 or so and let me get some ideas. I want you to participate after all and what better way than to offer something you said you wanted?



4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Mojo Graceless MouthyGirl

  1. Holy shit you guys! I love y’all! I feel so much better knowing I am not alone in clumsy adulthood. DH suggested that I put my dress shoes in the trunk and wear regular shoes all the time and only change when I have to. I dig that idea, think I’ll do it.

    Thanks y’all. @Beckie My only thought as I fell was that I had to catch myself because there were at least 8 or 9 more stairs, made of stone and concrete and a concrete platform beneath before the next set of stairs. I knew I would hit my head and then we would have had an entirely different situation. I’m thankful – and gonna put the “cute” shoes in the trunk for wearing on flat ground.

  2. I am with Susan I am also the Queen of clumsiness! My condition does that to me. The other day I fell down our front steps, they are concrete and I landed on concrete. I feel your pain!

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