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Today we’re having a Motley Crue sponsored Girlfriday – today my Dad had his heart shocked because he had an irregular heart beat, this is their way of trying to get it to beat the right way again. My Dad was diving in Cozumel in 1999 and died when he tried to come up to quickly…they brought him back thankfully but since that time he has had an irregular heart beat. His stroke a month ago made that something he could no longer do nothing about. So since this is the second time he’s been kickstarted…

I miss being a kid and thinking that Dad would never go anywhere. Thinking that he was superman and that he could do anything. I still think he can do anything, but I know now that he’s not superman and he is but a mere mortal. That scares me to think about so I avoid it when I can.

So the procedure was successful, they stopped his heart and then started it up again and it started the right way. There’s a lot he has to do to maintain that, but he’ll do it.

I know my Dad never gets on the internet, and when he does get on, my website is the last thing on his mind….but regardless, here’s a song to you Dad.

Facing mortality is such a draining thing to do.



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