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Sunday is a somewhat busy day around the house, it’s laundry day and despite our good intentions to do it Saturday, usually shopping day as well. Lots of errands and housework.

But yesterday I got a lot done too, worked for several hours and then finally installed the last updates on for the administrative parts of the geeky stuff. 🙂

I also did away with lots of excess categories, so the category section is not so long anymore. Every post had multiple categories, but at the end of the day, one will get you to any post here. Or you can use your trusty search box, handily provided below. This is going to be over there to the right from now on by the way, so that you can find anything you’re looking for on MouthyGirl.

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Now that we’ve settled into the new digs here at MouthyGirl it’s time to get down to the business of this movement we’ve started. More than feminist and not as abrasive appearing…we are mouthygirls. Lovable, beautiful, enjoyable, fun MouthyGirls. Right?

Maybe later today I’ll relax a while and play Galaga ’90 on the Wii. Oh yeah. Did you know I’m the Galaga Champ? Yes, indeed.

I’ll take some pictures later and post them so you can see what a slayer MouthyGirl is of the aliens on Galaga. I’m the Annihilator!


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