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Over the weekend I got down to business and got a lot of things done on the site and at home. I talked about it a little bit yesterday, updated the version of WordPress that MouthyGirl is built on and all the plugins as well.

Geeky stuff, but done. I also ordered a book that will help me write better, hopefully. I am in the market for a book about grammar, or maybe a book on tape. This is something I need to work on, I know Elements of Style is the bible of grammar, but I get bored quickly and am afraid I won’t read it. So if I could get a book on tape that would be great, I think that would be easier to ingest.

So I got quite a bit done, thought I’d share one of my favorite songs with you guys. From none other than the angriest white rapper, Eminem….this is a fun song.

It’s Monday and Mondays are always miserable, so with that I share another song I adore and own the cd for: Misery Business by Paramore.

I love that song. So if any of you know of a good grammar book on tape or something short and sweet that will give me a crash course that would be great.



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  1. I love it too, you should look up the “Fueled by Ramen” channel on YouTube, its everything they’ve ever put up, the channel name is after their album name.

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