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You ever wake up and just want to growl? I do. Like today. I get the most pleasant wake up a person could ask for, no rude alarm clock or anything like that it’s the sweet face of dear hubby in the mornings waking me up. That’s wonderful.

However, these last two nights of sleep have been particularly good and restful, where I sleep through the night and don’t wake up at all. Nights like these are rare for me, I wake up constantly through the night usually. So when I get to rest this way when it’s time to wake up, it’s really hard for me not to go back to that place of no bills, worries or problem that we all love. Sleep is so comforting.

But damned if these paychecks aren’t important too, so I had to get up today and so did you and that’s what led you here, I’m part of your routine. (I’m so digging that by the way, you know who you are!)

But the meat of this contest is this…that look you get in the morning, when you’d rather not deal with anything and you look like the covers are the only thing you want on you, that snapshot of your face (or your loved ones) might win you $50 smackeroonies.

Oh yeah. I want the mad face, grumpy face, no caffeine yet face. The one that makes people who don’t know you laugh and realize we are all human, like this one of @DoubleAgentGirl (a bud from Twitter):

Or this one of Khalik Sheikh Mohammed when he was arrested in the middle of the night by Americans for his terrorist activities:

Sucks to be him doesn’t it? LOL, couldn’t help but share that photo, I can hear a thick Arabic accent saying, “I don’t do mornings!”, ROFLMAO!

There’s been endless speculation about DoubleAgentGirl’s involvement in the capture of this terrorist however, our formal statement is that we have no statement. 😈

So here’s how it’s gonna play out, you guys are going to submit your photos that follow the theme “I Don’t Do Mornings”, each Friday (8-29, 9-5, 9-12) for three weeks I’m putting the photos submitted up for a vote from the readers on which picture best fits that caption, ideally each week there will be one clear winner. Each Friday’s winner will be held over for the fourth week of voting and will get a mention here as well as the Winner of the Week and gain entry to my High Profile BlogRoll for a whole month!

In the fourth week, on September 19th we will hold the voting for the ultimate winner of the three Winners of the Week. That winner will win the $50 Grand Prize Gift Card!

You can submit the photos to MouthyGirl@Gmail.com.

Get started now the first drawing is this Friday!


One thought on “I Don’t Do Mornings Contest

  1. I gotta go with Rachel on this one. She indisputably looks like she got crossed pre-coffee, and like it would be the wrong time to ask why breakfast wasn’t ready…

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