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It’s time to vote for the Winner of the Week in the “I Don’t Do Mornings Contest.”

Without further ado…let’s kick it off with a favorite song of mine, while I was trying to think of a good song to go with our voting today, Rachel suggested this and immediately I went after a version I could share. So here it is:

Great song eh? I love it. You can’t help but bob your head to that. It. Just. Rocks. So far we haven’t had that many photo submissions, but nevertheless, it’s off to a great start. Let me just say thank you to all my twitter friends who have entered the contest, next to each entrants’ name this week, I’ll put their twitter name, so you can look them up if you like.

The first person to offer up a picture for this contest was DoubleAgentGirl (@DoubleAgentGirl):

After that I got a few more great photos, my first submission was Ruby (@RubyO), then I received a submission from FemaleProdigy (@FemaleProdigy), and finally, the most recent submission brought an immediate smile to my face, Rachel’s submission(@MommyTalkerRach):

The gallery is not in order of submission but, all the same, there are four photos to vote on: DoubleAgentGirl, RubyO, FemaleProdigy and MommyTalkerRach.

The voting will be done by commenting – and I encourage all entrants to encourage people to vote for them, all you have to do to vote is put the name of the person you vote for in the comments, the one with the most votes by Sunday, August 31 at 6 p.m. Central Standard Time wins the Winner of the Week contest. It’s that simple.

Or you can vote in the poll I just created:

free polls Who’s got the best photo for the caption, “I Don’t Do Mornings” ?

The winner gets a link in my blogroll and I’ll even put a badge up if you have one. I’m so nice.


Update **** – It just ocurred to me that those of you that don’t run a website will get virtually nothing out of being the Winner of the Week. So to sweeten the pot, but not give it all away, the Winner of the Week if they run a website or not will get a surprise gift in the mail when they contact me with their address information. Those with a website will get the surprise gift as well as a link from my site for a month.



9 thoughts on “GirlFriday Vote for Winner of the Week!

  1. Maybe, I’ll give y’all a morning photo of me in the last week or something, but I don’t wash my make up off at night so I have raccoon eyes in the morning – it’s scary I promise!

  2. First I wanna vote for me… and second.. why isnt there a pic of mouthygirl her self. sort of a modle or something we know you cant win but what the crap… you should put your beautiful self out there too!

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