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It’s Labor Day here in America on Monday giving us a three day weekend. But it’s also sort of the end of the Summer. My son started back to school this past Monday and business is picking up at work as it seems to in the Fall and Winter months. I will miss the Summer, I enjoy the season with its long days and the lazy heat but I welcome the Fall. The turning of the leaves on the trees and bushes and the new crispness in the air, the dew on the grass in the morning are all changes of the season that I welcome.

I do look forward to it. I hope this season I have, or I should say make, more time to take pictures of the colors that the Fall brings, I am so fascinated by them and it would do me good to have a sizable photo library with pictures of the seasons to look at on days indoors.

Additionally, I have a lot of ideas and plans for this site, this contest should provide a lot of fun to start the Fall season and around Halloween, I have another contest planned. I don’t have any solid ideas, but my first thought was a Costume Contest, please tell me what you think of that, I think it would be lots of fun. LOTS. I know a lot of you probably go all out for Halloween and in that spirit I think a contest would be great. Again, please share your thoughts on this in the comments, or any alternative ideas as well.

What is your favorite season of the year and why? Do you have any favorite holidays? I like them all, any chance to spend more time around the people I don’t see that often I welcome. Speaking of this I need to plan a get together with my sisters so our kids can hang out and we can chat, it’s fun to spend time around those people we are connected to for life, but that lead separate lives. We all lead such different lives, but find sometimes our responses and reactions to situations are the same.

For example, my younger sister Sarah and I both have the same issues when we get incredibly frustrated or angry in that we begin to stutter, stammer and otherwise appear foolish. Which further frustrates the situation. It seems to be a cycle, but I’m determined to get a hold of it and master my reactions to adversity. I’ve discussed it at length with my sister and it’s funny that we have the same reaction and comforting at the same time to know that we’re not alone in this. But as she and I begin to master this and overcome it, we can share the tips that help.

Do you have any traditions you enjoy celebrating in the seasons to come that you particularly look forward to? We rarely get snow here, but I hope this year we get a little, just because it looks nice…but I’m getting ahead of myself with that…it’s still 96 degrees on a typical day here.


It’s a lazy Saturday here at the Mouthy ranch, thus the rambling post…I hope you don’t mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m off to have spaghetti and perhaps play a while on the Wii..


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  1. hum…contest..costume…cool!
    then theres the fav season question. …i say fall…y u ask its my bday in oct the fall reminds me of that. I like fall fshions too sweat shirts and jeans oh the comfort! plus the menu get s abit hartier in the fall as well… but really its alabout the out side and like you said the cool crispness in the air and the colors. i love fall

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