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Yesterday the hubby and I were talking about our plans for our future and things we intend to accomplish over the next few years. We do a lot of living in today, not thinking much about tomorrow, though we know it’s coming.

So we talked over our plans, we both of course have the same idea and direction, the only thing getting in our way is ourselves. Planning is just like having a road map for a long road trip. A plan is a good way to chart your course so that when we’re on that course, and living in today like hubby and I tend to do, we can also try to get some of our long term goals accomplished as well.

I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to start securing independent contractor work so that I can supplement my income and hubby works overtime constantly. It’s the school year again and for some reason it brings with it not only a stricter schedule for my son, but also a more conformed frame of mind for me as well.

So we have a course to follow for the next few years, things to accomplish and all that fun stuff. This doesn’t mean we won’t enjoy life because we’re looking ahead at all, this just means in the back of our minds, we know we have a purpose for most everything we’re doing. This will stave off my incessant questioning of where I’m at in life, I second guess myself all too often, wondering if I’m doing what I should be doing, will this be what I’m doing in fifteen years? Do I even like this?

At least for now I’ll be satisfied knowing we have some things ironed out for our future. What do you have planned for your next few years? Do you have a plan for your next few years? Do you think you need one?



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