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Today we’re having a double whammy..not only will we have videos to get the morning started, but we’re also having voting for the Winner of the Week. I was working over the weekend and while I wrote for the site, I didn’t complete a post until Sunday night.

This morning I’m thinking a little tropical music will get us all in a great mood..

More tropical music…

I have this soundtrack and the movie. Love it. My favorite part is where Lucy chases down Ula and beats him with the bat, if you haven’t seen it, you really should. Adam Sandler is pretty good with the romantic comedy genre.

Now let’s shift gears to something a little more heartbeat rousing..

Alright then…

For the votes…we have those that didn’t win last week, DoubleAgentGirl, Rubyo and FemaleProdigy.



Female Prodigy

Female Prodigy

This week we have two new entries along with the former:

Cast your vote in the comments here until Tuesday night, I’ll name the winner on Wednesday.

Good Luck everyone!


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