Bullshit, I mean Politics

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Politics are funny aren’t they? I think they are. I think we watch them for lack of interesting television. We follow it under the guise of “public interest” and “out of concern for our country, our children”. Ahem. I call Bullshit.

We like to watch politics for the same reason we watch Tabloid TV and Movie and TV stars make headline news when they don’t really affect our lives, we like to watch fighting and scandalous behavior. It makes us feel more normal, more approachable, more sane. We are all just people at the end of the day. We just love to watch people fall, then point and laugh.

We’re sinister, vengeful assholes, the lot of us.

Why don’t we admire soldiers like we do Beyonce? Why don’t we laud their accomplishments like we do the awards won by actors and actresses? Because we don’t care? Or because it’s just not as interesting when it’s real life and there are real consequences.

That’s right America, get a shovel and dig a hole about a foot deep and wide. Keep that dirt you dug up close now. Now bend down on all fours, put your head top first down into that hole. Now use your hands to scoop all the dirt in on top of your head because real life and real stories are just too much to handle for you.

Wake your Ass up! You know why we hardly get any qualified people running for public office anymore? Because we get into every little nook and cranny of their past life – THAT DOESN’T AFFECT THE PERSON THEY ARE NOW, IN FACT, PROBABLY MADE THEM WHO THEY ARE NOW – and expose it to the world, putting that person up on the judging pedestal for all the world to see their imperfections.

Moral fiber is a crock of shit. Your morals are your business, but it is not your business to push your morals onto someone else! It takes ALL kinds of people to make this world work in all of the odd little ways that it does.

It really hit the fan when America found out about Monica Lewinsky. But let me tell you something…with a divorce rate in America of 50%…..certainly you don’t think he’s the only man cheating in this country. Why is this so surprising? Don’t take this as condoning the behavior, I just don’t think it’s my place to judge him for that. Sure it was scandalous…but was it our business? No. It was his and Hilary’s business only, well and Miss Lewinsky.

Honestly, I don’t want to know if my neighbor is cheating any more than I want to hear about the president doing it.


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