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Vince Young scared everyone earlier this week when it was rumored he was thinking of suicide and drove away from his Florida home with a gun in his possession. Not knowing what he would do, his therapist alerted his manager and the police so that he could be found and properly treated if necessary. I read this all on my local news website here.

What is sad is what started all this. Mr. Young apparently threw an interception during a game (he’s a football player if you didn’t know) and was booed, and further, the media has driven it into the ground to the point the man wants to quit the sport he is good enough to play professionally, and is talking about suicide.


Mr. Young is not the only reason I’m writing this, my point with this is the talk of suicide. That’s nothing to joke about, it’s nothing to take lightly. My step-father committed suicide when I was 14 and let me tell you, that’s something that will screw up your whole world. And you thought your parents getting a divorce was hard.

I cannot imagine committing suicide and leaving my loved ones behind, however I can’t say that I’ve always felt that way. Though I may have wanted to when I was young I grew past those feelings and knew they were not normal feelings, sadly it was because I knew someone who had committed suicide and the affect it had on me. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

The feelings and the questions you have, the abandonment you feel is unimaginable. You feel guilt because you couldn’t stop it and because you think you might be the cause of it. It’s a devastating event to happen in anyone’s life.

I think it’s ridiculous personally that Vince Young would go so far as to talk of suicide over a game mistake, in fact I think it’s irresponsible of him as a famous athlete to be so short sighted. What’s the matter Vince, the crowd booed you? Aw, is life really so hard when you check your bank balance?


Want a problem Vince? Ever been foreclosed on? Gotten fired from a job when you have a family to feed? Get downsized from the only job you’ve worked in your entire life? Life isn’t really that hard now is it Vince? So the crowd booed you, they have a right to because they paid for the damn ticket to see a good show and you didn’t put one on for them. They were upset. That’s called accountability. At least you have a contract to secure your position there and one little mistake isn’t going to cost you your job.

He could have worse problems is my only point and I’m offended at his lack of understanding of the difficulties other people face to be so irresponsible and throw around suicide as an option. Someone should let him know he’s got people looking up to him and to talk like that is the worst kind of thoughtlessness.




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