Monday Morning Mojo featuring Sarah Palin, Maroon 5 & Rihanna

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Seems like I didn’t have a day off this weekend, worked some on Saturday and did some other work on Sunday from home. I’ve been so busy! In case you all haven’t noticed, I’ve decided that wasn’t quite living up to it’s url name if you know what I mean. So the last two posts were just a sampling of what more is to come.

In fact, most of the opinionated posts I intend to write I end up taming down because I worry about how you’ll take it. So, no offense intended, but I’m not gonna worry about that anymore. I’m gonna write what I feel, what pisses me off and what I think probably does the same to you.

Let’s start today with a parody video of Sarah Palin, by none other than the incredible look alike, Tina Fey. This is hilarious, you don’t want to miss it.

Wasn’t that priceless? LMAO! She does an excellent Palin no? Okay, take a deep breath and collect yourself, I know that was funny. Now for a video that plays like a movie by one of my favorite bands of all time…Maroon 5.

Let me just say, thank you Maroon 5 for making your YouTube videos embedable. If that’s a word. The red line underneath it suggests that it is not, but I’m rollin’ with it anyways. This is a bonus link to “She Will be Loved” by Maroon 5 as well. One of my favorite songs ever since the first album came out.

Now for a song, also about deception by Rihanna, who recently teamed up with Maroon 5 for a great song that I may go dig up the link for…. But here’s Take a Bow from Rihanna….

Here’s their video together…very hot!

Okay guys, hope you enjoyed today’s edition of Monday Morning Mojo…I wanna hit a shout out to the Snakeskin Cowboy in Richardson, I hope you too dig the videos and have a great Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! Be back here tomorrow, same channel, same Mouthy DJ!



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