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As a webmaster, blogger, writer, jane of all trades so to speak, I endeavor to make a little side change her on MouthyGirl….so far not so good, but it’s a labor of love, not for money. That would just be a nice bonus.

I’ve been bellyaching to the hubby that I need an apron to keep my clothes from getting messed up while I do various things in the kitchen and as I looked through the ads through Customized Girl to use here on MouthyGirl, I found this awesome option and have ordered one:

300x250 Apron

I love this website, you can customize anything from aprons, hoodies, underwear and even onesies for the babies! It doesn’t get any closer to making your own clothing line. I’m loving it, but I like to have my stamp on everything, hubby said it was right up my alley. I myself love the boyshorts and that’s what got his attention as well – he likes ’em too of course, lol, so I think I’ll be getting some of those customized too….and how could hubby complain about me buying something if I stamp his name right on my butt? He just can’t. BONUS!

You can make shirts for the family reunion, your awesome parties, girls night out, wedding showers, baby showers, graduation, baby birth, favorite grandma, grandpa….oh there are endless possibilities, and these clothes aren’t just for girls, you can make a couple t shirts claiming that man of yours, or get him a hoodie and have it say I Love My Wife, you know you wanna!

Here are a few cute ideas too for your shirts….how could you not want to run with this?! I’m going shopping be back later!

300x250 heel me


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