Monday Morning Mojo My Favorite Season is Here!

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I love the Fall and Spring seasons above and beyond the other two. I should say one because Texas doesn’t really experience Winter like the rest of the country. It’s shocking when we get to see snow here. But this is the season where the weather starts getting out of the 100+ temperatures here and I love that! Last week because of Hurricane Ike the temperature didn’t break 82 all week, which was a welcome change from the summer heat. What’s your favorite season of the year?

Did you have a good weekend? I visited with some of my family that came down to visit and saw a new cousin that was born just a short while ago, she’s a cutie. My youngest sister celebrated her one year wedding anniversary this past weekend, she and her hubby are due back in town today, I’m sure they had a great time.

Last week was an eye opener for me, I’ve realized that life is too short to waste time wondering and waiting for my future to present itself to me in digestible form. I’ve decided that I’m going to run at life full throttle and if anything gets in my way, well then it’ll just be that much easier to overcome because I’m already speeding towards it. It would be stupid to stay in the way.


Don’t you love metaphorically speaking? So let’s kick off this week, I’m going to share one of my favorite songs with you, it’s not a real video but someone made it with scrolling lyrics…it’s nice…

I’m a HUGE fan of 3 Doors Down, so of course I like it. Now I’m going to throw us back into the 80’s for a minute, specifically 1982…

Now…for a song about individuality and taking your life into your own hands….living your life.

Big fan of Rihanna as well. I hope this gets your day going like it did mine. Happy Monday everyone!


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  1. Love Fall! My Anniversary is coming up in November and the Cubs clinched the NL Central Division this weekend!

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