Trying to Get By, or Trying to Get Better?

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Every morning I wake up I feel different than the morning before. Sometimes I wake up tired, sometimes I wake up refreshed and sometimes and I just want to ignore the world and stay home all day, good mood or not.

But overall I would like to think I have a pretty positive outlook on life. I try to see the lighter side, enjoy life and think about my potential and work towards it. I set goals and typically within the time frame I accomplish them. Lately however, I have been lacking in goals. I’ve kind of been in a holding pattern. That’s not to say I’m bored with where I’m at, it just means that for me, it’s time to get back in gear and start planning more for the future.

Trying to get by is just not for me, I’m always trying to get better. Albeit I’ve not been in school completing my Bachelor’s or anything, I have been in a constant state of learning since I started school right after my son was born. Trust me, you have to be if you want to have any sort of edge in life.

With blogging here I’m always reading helpful blogs, various books and tutorials on writing, in an effort to hone those skills and of course, to not bore you to tears.. I’m all for self-improvement.


But that’s just how I am — not satisfied to just stand still, I crave forward motion. So because of this I’ve always kind of held the belief in the back of my mind that just getting by is not good enough for me, I’m always wanting to get better, so that my future holds brighter things.

I wonder though if others feel the way I do about life in that it’s an uphill climb most of the way? I mean I know there are people that don’t want to be rich, don’t care to be rich. That’s not really my goal, though if it happens that would certainly be great… Some of the greatest people I’ve ever known in my life didn’t aspire to be great, they did what was expected of them and that was their success. What’s your version of success?

Do you find yourself reaching for the stars regardless of your current status in life? Do you make short term and long term goals? Have you already accomplished all your dreams? Do you have more that you are working towards?

Tell me about your future.


3 thoughts on “Trying to Get By, or Trying to Get Better?

  1. I’ll go as far to say I am simple… I am so getting by its not even funny. I don’t think that makes me not making myself better.I don’t need money or a piece of paper that says I know things that one with out the paper may not, to be improving ones self.

    Life is an up hill climb, for sure! but you get ridges that lead to wide open vallys ever once in a while, where the meadows are lush and the flowers so fregrent and beautiful. where you can take time to breath and enjoy life and just be… you might miss all that if your worried about getting back to the up hill climb so you could try and get to what ever it is that is going to make you “better”.

  2. Incredible! CONGRATS! I’m sure that has been a long but rewarding road for you. It shouldn’t have been surprising to me, but when I was in high school I never thought about college, was sure I wasn’t going to go, but after I had my son my whole outlook changed and I realized I had to make an example of myself and that’s when I started school.

    What’s been your primary motivation?

  3. Absolutely! How else could I be expecting my BA with honors this June as a single mom of two kids. It IS an uphill climb, and it never stops. And that’s the beauty of it, because it curves and there are always suprises (good and bad) along the way that push you to become better.

    Double Agent Girls last blog post..Arrest

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