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I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before or not, but hubby and I are going on a cruise on the 1st of November. We’re excited…sort of.

This isn’t really the kind of trip we would’ve planned for ourselves, but then again, if left to our own devices, who knows if we’d ever even take one, lol. We always talk about it but have yet to actually do it. You know how it is, life gets in the way.

My boss, in place of a Christmas bonus, has bought hubby and I tickets to go on a five day cruise. In and of itself that’s a helluva Christmas bonus, and I can understand his reasoning as well, he says if he gives me money I’ll probably spend it on bills and the government will tax it, this way he’s sure I’ve had fun with my bonus and the government doesn’t get a dime of it. I’m cool with that.

It’s the preparation for this cruise that puts us in the “sort of excited” mood. We don’t have a lot of extra money in our budget as we’ve had to make some car repairs recently, we both could really use a shopping trip to update our wardrobes and me, well I need to lose a few l-b’s first. We want to drink, because we’re drinkers, and we’ve been told the drinks are expensive and can really add up on the cruise, which really gives us pause because have I mentioned we’re drinkers?

Food is not the issue that will make either of us gain weight because neither of us are all that excited about food…it’s drinking that gets us. It’s drinking that has added weight to my small frame and not eating right. The quantity has never been a problem…it’s the quality.

What’s worse is that while yes we want to drink on the cruise, the other thing is that we’d like to take a shore excursion, but that’s expensive too. So you see we’re pretty limited as to what we can do when we go. That’s not to say this isn’t a great gift and the four days off from work won’t be much needed, but I’m wondering if when we return from said cruise we aren’t going to feel like just having the money would have been a better idea.

Time will tell I suppose. We set sail on November 1st out of Galveston (if there’s a port even) and will be at sea for a few days with a stop in Cozumel and in Progresso, Mexico. I hope there’s lots to do on the ship because we’ve chosen drinking over any shore excursions, lol. If any of you have taken a cruise and are drinkers and can tell me if I’m overestimating costs or not, that would be great, but as of now we’ve decided we’d like to take a couple hundred bucks but beyond that can’t afford to blow the piggy bank.

I would be interested to hear stories from other people that have gone on a similar cruise through Carnival, we’ll be on the ship Ecstasy by the way, to the Mexico area to be specific – so that if anyone shares information or was on this cruise, your information may help me be a little more accurate in my budget for this trip. You see my mother and father in law have been on this same cruise, on a different ship but they don’t drink. Nor would I feel comfortable asking them how much they spent on this thing or that thing, etc.

But if I could get an idea of what an average cocktail costs, and beer, I think that would set my mind at ease greatly. I know about how much we would drink, I just want to budget for it. Smart people are always budgeting and trying to stay within that budget…at least, that’s what I tell myself.

So spill fellow cruisers! With that, I leave you with a song…about cruising, of course!




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  1. Oh, you will see all these diamond international stores, they are one big trap. In Cozumel there is nothing but tourist trap stores where the ships dock, so if your going to have an excursion Cozumel is the place to do it.

  2. I’ve been on 3 cruises all with Holland America. My wife has been on Carnival and Princess. Drinks will cost and arm and a leg. Plus they add the tips automatically. I got sick only one one cruise, the trick is to take the seas sickness pills before you get sea sickness. Those ships have great stabilizers and unless the seas are really rough you should be OK. Try and take at least one excursion, they are worth it. What stops are you making if I’ve been to one of those places I’ll try to give you a review.

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