Monday Morning Mojo and My List

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My list consists of reasons I should have money. You’re thinking….oh the nerve! Gimme a chance. You see money doesn’t make the person…but money can certainly make the person more generous and benevolent.

So on with my list of reasons I should be rich.


1. Because I would be so good with lots of money; vs. so bad with so little.
2. Because I donate to worthy causes even if I don’t have a lot…so if I did have a lot, I would just donate that much more.
3. I would love to pay for the college educations of all my nieces and nephews and future grands so that I could take that worry from my siblings and my son.
4. I would go back to school full time and earn my doctorate. In something that will help the masses.
5. I could inspire other people to see why money doesn’t have to be something hoarded and how sharing your wealth invites it to come back.
6. I could lead by example and show that money doesn’t have to corrupt you.
7. I would run for President, and not care what anyone thought of me.
8. I would be like Oprah.
9. I would be like Oprah.
10. I would be like Oprah.

I mean, everyone loves Oprah right? I thought that should count for three. Because I really would be like her, I’d even do my own version of “The Big Give”. Seriously. I would let some cheesy “Dr.” use Euphemisms that are archaic to parlay himself into a career, off of my coattails. But I’d never say anything bad about beef.

Of course, I highly doubt I’ll achieve the riches I so desire, but I will dream.

Happy Monday! I invite you all to comment below and leave your list of reasons you should be rich. It doesn’t have to be ten reasons.

Hope you all have a great day today, see you here tomorrow!



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