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The little goings on that impress me through the day. A few days ago, the hubby and I were talking in the kitchen, I don’t recall the subject, but I said I was too busy for it anymore and about that time MouthyBoy piped in and asked if I was doing work at home again. I said no, in fact, in the Spring I was going to go back to school and I didn’t want to fill my calendar with other things that would distract from studying.

To that he said, “That’s cool.”

So at 11 years of age, does, “That’s cool.” mean nothing like it does when an adult says it or does it mean he thinks it’s cool?

I like the idea of being thought cool….and the idea of doing my homework right alongside MouthyBoy to show him you’re never too old to learn something new. And to him, I’m sure I’m old. Ouch.

But the coolest thing about influencing him, is seeing the influence I’ve already had on him, I recognize his personality and I’m seeing his humor, I see in him a good guy.

He’s going to take care of things and really be a caring man, and though I have to keep after him to do his chores, I can see the care in his eyes when he pets our cats, when he comes to help me carry things he knows are heavy, other things I’ve taught him and hubby have taught him that are just the right thing to do.

The MouthyBoy is turning into quite a good boy. He showed me his averages in his classes, he has four major subjects and in all but one the grades are an A. I was impressed. He’s a smart boy, I’ve always known that and like I told him, those grades prove that. They prove that when he works at it, as with most of us, he gets it and does well with it. Knowledge is so priceless, and one day I hope he tells me that’s one of the things he understood from me was of the utmost importance, that education is so important to being successful in life. It’s not a myth, it’s not an old wives tale, or a belief.

It’s a fact.

I want him to do and be much better than me, and by instilling in him a work ethic, common decency, common sense and how to be a gentle person, I think any woman would be lucky to have him. Once he’s grown…like 25 and has had his college fun and lived through a lot of years and experience and college. 🙂

Til tomorrow friends!

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