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When I first joined Twitter, I didn’t get it and my profile stayed dormant for a month or so, but more and more of the bloggers I read started mentioning Twitter and I started getting active there as well. One Friday night I happened to be on Twitter chatting with several people and was notified of a radio show that was streaming that I could be a part of, so off to the radio show I went, and had a great time!

There have been political debates on Twitter, movements, and someone was even released from jail in a foreign country because of the word spread on Twitter to help get him released.

Even if you don’t get it, or like it, Twitter has become a very powerful tool in communication. I’ve read the blogs and seen the websites of people I never would’ve otherwise seen and gotten some really great information. In fact, yesterday, as a show of support to finding the cure for Breast Cancer I changed my Twitter avatar to pink as well as the background. You see, that’s an epidemic that must be stopped and that small change to my little Twitter profile will show my support in my small way.

Twitter isn’t for everyone, as I was reading DCR, a blog I read often, he mentioned that Twitter can be tricky, in the comments by his other readers I could tell that not everyone likes Twitter as much as I. But therein lies the beauty of social media, not everyone has to be part of it for it to work, and there are other forms of social media that those same people may like instead of Twitter.

I feel that it fills my need for interaction with the blogging, networking world as well as helping to grow MouthyGirl and get the word out that I’m here, I’m mouthy and it’s all good.

So while the haters, as my generation loves to call them, are gonna hate, and the lovers are gonna love it, maybe you should stop in, set up a profile and be my Twitter bud! Be sure to let me know you’re following me and I will of course reciprocate!

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  1. I never got the MySpace craze because it seemed just like another popularity contest where people tried to collect as many “friends” as possible but never got to know any of them. I know people will disagree with me on that but it was my experience. But twitter just clicked with me. I like it as a tool to keep up with people. I like the limits on posts because if forces people to at least attempt to be pithy/witty. And I love the community that I’ve become a part of in my own small way. I’ve only been using it for less than two months but I’ve already made a few friends from it. I agree that it can be a little tricky, it constantly threatens my productivity and I have to continually remind myself that it is a giant searchable database, but I reall yenjoy the time I spend with it.

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