GirlFriday I Demand Music MTV!

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What happened? Where did the music go?

I turn it to MTV and the best I can get for music is Awards shows or F’n MTV. Ahem, is this thing on? I want MY MTV, the MTV that had Beavis & Butthead and Kurt Loader with the news minute and the rest was MUSIC! Even Beavis & Butthead had music, so it qualified to be on MTV.

Who took over and took the music?! What happened to Headbanger’s Ball?
Whoever let that anti-music pro-reality show weirdo in (programming director?), needs to be fired, they’ve destroyed the very fiber of MTV by tainting it with reality shows and celebrities personal lives, that we care ABSOLUTELY nothing about!. Can we leave that for tabloid TV please?

What? MTV is tabloid TV? I’m going to cry now. Stay tuned, I’m working up a revolution to get our music back!

Until then….let’s rawk!

One by Metallica.

Until it Sleeps also by Metallica.

Okay, enough headbanging…wanna go retro with me?

Let’s Go..

That was 500 Miles by The Proclaimers.

Have a great Friday everyone!



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