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We’ve got the right stuff today don’t we? It’s raining here, but that’s refreshing for some reason today, rain brings a clean smell to the air, I like it. So I’m not discouraged by it today. Not sleepy either…yet.

Today I wanted to tell you about my recent experience with Fossil. I wanted a Fossil watch for a long time before I bought one. Since they came out I liked them and I finally spent the $60+ and bought one for myself in 2001, I hit a great sale at Foley’s and bought a nice Ralph Lauren purse that year too.

I am that rare chic that can say I have all of four purses, two are black, one is brown and one is my navy blue (looks black) Ralph Lauren purse that I bought that year. Never before had I left a store with 2 things costing over $100. That was quite the luxury.

Anyways, so I wore the watch every day until around January (that’s seven years of trouble free watch bliss) when I took my watch to the jeweler to see what was wrong with it, I figured just a battery even though I’d recently had it replaced. But sadly the jeweler came back and told me the winding mechanism was broken so the watch was unable to keep time.

However, he told me I had bought wisely because Fossil has one of the best warranty programs around. It costs $27.00 to send the watch to Fossil (not including your shipping costs) which is here in Dallas to their service center and they will refurbish it for that price.

You can have your specific problems fixed, or just have them refurbish it. You have to fill out a form and send it to them, but that’s not a big hassle.

I’m a big supporter of Texas companies so I was pleased to discover that Fossil is a Texas company, headquartered in Richardson, Texas.

So I sent my watch in finally a few weeks ago, I’ve known I needed to send it in for over seven months, but I put it on the back burner because I had a cool Dickies watch that hubby bought me to maintain my sanity i.e. allowing me to still know what time it is.

Friday I received an E-Gift Certificate from Fossil in the mail for $75 with a letter detailing that because they no longer make the parts to fix my watch they were sending me what they deemed the replacement value was of the watch + $25 to ensure any shipping and handling costs would not make this inconvenient for me. WOW!

My beloved Fossil Blue could not be repaired. Naturally I mourned for a few seconds but feeling like I had won the lottery I immediately got on and started shopping for my new watch, truly feeling spoiled. I’m a sucker for customer service. I mean that, it’s why I’m still with T-Mobile even though the service has really pissed me off at times.

If a company has great customer service, 9 times out of 10 I’m going to keep coming back, even if I’ve had a bad experience. That’s because I know if I complain, which I rarely do, they will do whatever they can do to fix my problem. Who wouldn’t love that?

So Fossil has made me a big huge fan, one that will sing it to the masses, or post a glowing review on her website and encourage everyone she knows, or doesn’t know, to buy Fossil watches, bags, purses, earrings, belts and so on and so forth. I recommend Fossil to everyone, they have beautiful dressy watches, great casual ones, delicious accessories, I mean their selection really runs the gamut.

Free Shipping at Fossil

Check em out and send some love their way, find some jewelry or something you know you won’t be able to live without which is something they make very easy.

But now to the music you’ve been waiting for…First up…”Bad Fish” by the genius group that is sorely missed Sublime:

Thought we’d toss up Santeria as well I love that one too.

Here’s a link to “Come As You Are” by Nirvana because that’s all I could get. Now as an homage to Sublime, I’m going to post some Slightly Stoopid, which I’d never heard of until Rachel (who we all know from mentioned them this morning when talking about Sublime. But I am intrigued and I think you will be too…

Can’t wait to get home to hear more! Happy Monday everyone and see ya tomorrow!

Free Shipping at Fossil


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  1. Love the tunes thank you much. my boy B who is 6 knew sublime right away… “mommy turn it up” at freakin 8:07 in the morning… Gotta love that! After I read to him that there was no nirvana vids on this page he went up stairs in his room and is now rocking it out to breed… I’m so proud!

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