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Yesterday I was over at Shoemoney reading a post and I realized that I hadn’t started my Halloween contest!

So the planning for that is under way. It’ll be a comment contest and depending on how long it takes me to find a sponsor, or several, it might go for one or two weeks.

For it to be a Halloween contest it has to wrap up on Halloween night. Or at least that’s the way I think it will go…we’ll see as I’m still in the planning stages, you definitely want to check back frequently. Plus, I’m leaving for a cruise on November 1st and may not be able to communicate and declare a winner from the ship.

If you would like to sponsor this contest, contact me at MouthyGirl at gmail dot com and we’ll discuss the details.

I am so glad it’s Friday, we’ve been running around all week, last night I finally got to see Iron Man which is a KICK ASS movie! I am so impressed with Marvel’s new movie productions, they are also responsible for the latest Batman movie that gave us all a new look at Batman.

I read somewhere that Marvel didn’t really appreciate the portrayals made before of their characters so they’ve taken it into their own hands. I like it, so I’ll definitely be seeing the next Marvel movie that comes out as well.

Since I couldn’t think of any music videos to post and the ones I did think of wouldn’t let me embed the video, I decided to give you some funny (read: raunchy) jokes instead.


Happy Friday everyone!



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