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Today is another Monday, Columbus Day even, which is a day that we celebrate Christopher Columbus discovering the “New World” that would come to be the country we know and love today. I won’t tell you how old she’ll be but she is my older sister.

This week will be very eventful as not only is it my sister’s birthday today, tomorrow my new nephew will be born. One of my younger sisters is going in to have a C-section and we’ll have another addition to the family.

Yesterday, my family, my sister and her family and my Dad and Stepmom all went out for lunch. It was fun, and it’s always nice to spend time with family. We get caught up in our own lives and sometimes forget to stop and get together to catch up. Before you know it the kids are grown and we’re wondering where the time went and reminiscing about when gas was under $1 a gallon. Those were the days.

We are counting down to our cruise on November 1st, getting excited, a little nervous. I’m a little shy. Hey don’t act so surprised, it’s easy to sit down and type out my thoughts and share with you what’s going on in my life, because you don’t have a face when I’m typing, you do when you comment and begin to interact with me here, but until then, I’m just writing to WordPress. Any further thought beyond that I’m afraid would produce the problem of writer’s block. So the idea of meeting people and sitting with strangers at dinner and all that kind of has me a little wierded out.

So in honor of my older sister getting older today, here’s a song for her.

Ha Ha!

Here’s a song that is special to she and I because it was always a song that reminded us of our little sister..

Finally, a song for my nephew…

I love that song, it’s very true to how I feel about my son, and nieces and nephews. Life has so much to offer that you can’t help but hope that they get to experience the absolute best of everything, and the least experience of pain and trials possible. As children we often underestimate the harsh realities of adulthood because our parents, rightfully, try to shield us from their trials, the things that make them worry. All too often as youngsters we were so busy looking forward to the freedoms of adulthood that we forgot the freedoms of childhood were right in front of us.

Additionally, this weekend I added a few things in the administration panel of to make galleries easier and to add polls to the sidebar, so polls will become a regular sidebar item. They’re a great way to find out what you think without asking for a lot of your time. Also, I began work on the sister site to I haven’t decided on a slogan for it, or even really a title, this will be where I will introduce products that you might like, and where I’ll start linking to various deals and products that we like. I’m excited about the possibilities of it and will announce it once I’ve gotten it all ready for your viewing.

Stay tuned for Halloween contest details to come everyone and have a Happy Monday. And to my sister April, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!



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