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Everyone likes free stuff and in this time of our declining economy, the sites I am about to tell you about are a welcome refreshment. I’ve been checking these site on and off for years now for my personal collection and have take for granted that other people know about it. But as I was scrolling through the archives of and noticed a post that I wrote over there about one of these sites, I realized I’d never brought these sites to your attention before.

The great thing about these websites is that you get silver jewelry that’s free and all you pay is shipping, which is less than $7. I was prepared to see jewelry that was cheap looking and ridiculous, but I didn’t, I saw tasteful, classy jewelry.

I order regularly from the multiple rings and earrings up free from and also from, I have three sets of earrings on every day and five to seven rings on any given day. So any chance I come across to get new jewelry to change things up a little, I take.

Your first view is at all the things they have on the front page, which is four, and you have the option to view the stuff coming up. I gotta tell you, I check them both everyday. I have to control myself though or the shipping costs will add up and hubby will get suspicious.

The ultimate bonus is that I don’t have to go and hassle with the mall to get my jewelry so it’s an even better experience. And for the guys, what better to surprise your lovely lady than with jewelry that didn’t cost a bunch, but looks great. You can show you’re thinking of her without the expense of a special occasion. And ladies, you can treat yourself without hubby going left about the money he thought it would cost. 😈

The great thing is that if you like the style of jewelry you can buy more at their regular prices. So it’s meant as a tool to show you the type of jewelry you can get, but once you look at their regularly priced jewelry you’ll realize that’s where the really great stuff is.

Enjoy the tips!


7 thoughts on “Free Silver Jewelry…..No Kidding

  1. I’m so glad that you could ad this to your list of gift giving ideas. Even better than you can send business their way, I’ve been using them now for 2+ years at least and love their products.

    Thanks for commenting and I hope you’ll be back!

  2. I’ve never been into silver jewelry, but I’m looking at it as a “gift-giving” idea to add to other tips I’ve come across in past years when dealing with the mighty time of year known as “Holiday shopping season.” I’ve gone to 2 of the sites you put up and I have to say, the selection is actually pretty good. The quality of the jewelry (specifically the earrings) area pretty good. It’s the kind of pieces that one would want for everyday use. I ordered 2 of the studs and one that resembles a small version of a charm bracelet to give to my 2 nieces. Yes, I’m going to throw in a game of their choice as well, but this would add to the feminine part of me that wants them to wear something pretty. Mind you, they’re both huge tomboys: One niece is big on learning how to to be an aviator that she signed up for 4 years in the navy this past August. The other plays on the softball and field hockey teams in school: She’s going to try to be a pitcher on the baseball team this year. I think her chances are good considering her softball fast ball was clocked (on the average) at 68 MPH and she’s only 14 years old. I wonder how much damage she would do with a baseball since I don’t have a speed gun to see her actual speeds, but I’m guessing she’s easily throwing about 80 MPH right now. Anyway, I’m glad you put this up. I actually decided to join the affiliate program since I have a lot of networking contacts through my husband’s company. I’m hoping to set up a website for it on the side to link to my main site just for residual income (probably up to 500 USD/month at most since I don’t want to go overboard on it).

  3. You’re so sweet MouthyGirl! Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it. :mrgreen: I actually found a discount code! I’m so psyched! Next time I order, I’ll try it and let you know. As for custom charges, I guess I’ll wait and see. :roll: And I found a gorgeous silver chain at my local tanning salon, I know wierd right? The price was right too! πŸ˜† I’ll keep you posted. Take care.

    Annicks last blog post..GirlFriday on Voting

  4. I’ve been in love with that site too now for a long time. I’ve not looked for any discount codes for the regular jewelry but you might google “ coupons” and see what you find.

    I’m also unaware of any extra shipping charges for shipping to Canada, but you might check the FAQ on the site, or call them.

    If you buy a pendant, it is definitely worth it to buy a chain, I have yet to pay more than $10 for an accompanying chain. They’re very reasonable and you can pick the size of the chain, and type.

    MouthyGirls last blog post..GirlFriday on Voting

  5. Hey MouthyGirl, I’m addicted to now! It’s amazing! Bear with me…cuz I have tons of questions now!! πŸ˜† Since you order often, I wondering if you happen to have coupon or discount code that I could use? Do you know if there are custom charges when jewelry is sent to Canada? If I purchase a pendant, is it worth getting the chain as well? Are the chains made cheap? Well, that was a mouthful of questions right? πŸ™‚ thanks again!

  6. I’m so glad I could refer some useful links to you! I have loved these sites for a long time and will for a long time to come, and am delighted to share. My hubby jokes and calls me a gypsy because of my jewelry, but it’s a girl’s prerogative to accessorize, no?

    So glad I could make your day!

  7. I’m very pleased with your blog! Thanks so much for the tip! Some are addicted to coffee, well I’m addicted to jewelry!! πŸ˜† I read your post and I immediately checked out both sites! And their items were so beautiful and tasteful, I bought a Princess Cut Peridot Ring Sterling Silver for the shipping price which is only 8.99$! How crazy is that? The gemstone is a genuine 0.75 carat Peridot with a thin and dainty sterling band. They have a guarantee too, here’s what it says in the FAQ. “We guarantee that our pieces are of pure sterling silver and genuine gemstones. If anyone can prove that our Sterling Silver items is not Sterling Silver, or the Genuine Gemstones are not real, we will issue a reward of $1000.00.” I’m absolutely impressed MouthyGirl! And you can even have it shipped to anyone you want and it does not mention anything about being free, they even send it in a free jewelry pouch! I can’t wait for Christmas! πŸ˜‰ You made my day!

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