Wednesday Fwd: Fail

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In a round about way the following was forwarded to me, I think you’ll enjoy it.


LOL, who was responsible for the proofreading?!


Does product placement mean anything to you?


I almost didn’t post that one because I’m a huge Archie fan, and have a book here I’m halfway through, but it is funny…


I guess the Quality Assurance department was at lunch?


You ever know someone that likes to point out the discrepancies in movies and television shows? My Dad used to do that all the time. He’d also like to tell you why certain things portrayed in movies were so obviously fake because of this or that reason….his way to disprove Hollywood had any validity. I suppose it worked.

These lovely comedic pictures are courtesy of a site I happened upon because it was mentioned in an email forwarded to me, and of course, I had to check it out.

Hope to see you there šŸ™‚


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