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Did you watch the debate Wednesday night? I did. I felt it was an important way to get the views of the candidates directly, without “interpretation” by the media. I typically vote one way, but in this election, I won’t be voting that way.

I’m hoping that my fellow Americans will also vote in this election, it is imperative that we show the politicians in this country that when we are fed up….WE ARE FED UP! That we WILL STAND UP and make it known that it WILL NOT BE business as usual.

I’m thinking that a declining economy is bullshit. I’m thinking that our nation’s children being the most obese in the world, and the least educated in the world is UNACCEPTABLE! Of course it’s a security risk to our country that we have to seek products and services outside America because we haven’t created them yet.

It is unacceptable that our nations southern borders sit open, while people are standing in lines at the airport being searched, made to take extreme measures to prove that they are not terrorists, all the while our southern borders remain a perpetual floodgate of immigrants into this country.

I won’t pretend to have all the answers to the problems of our nation. There’s no way I could, if I even had one solution it would shock the hell out of me, but I know what’s NOT working. I’m tired of politicians spouting double talk and expecting us not to catch it. I’m tired of lobbyists having their way in Washington, making sure that my voice isn’t heard over theirs.

I’m tired of $3.00 per gallon for gas when only 10 years ago it was $1.00 per gallon. I’m tired of quality education being something only for the wealthiest of people. I’m tired of tax breaks for the poor and the wealthy and NOT ME!

I could talk all day about what I’m tired of in Washington because I voted in the last election, and my expectations WERE NOT MET.

So since Election Day 2008 is coming up and we all want to vote, I included this link so you can find your local voting location.

Also, because I’m curious and you’re reading this, I’ve put together a poll, to see how you feel about voting in general.

So take the poll please, and tell me how you feel about voting there, or in the comments. What I especially would like to know though, is what is the most important issue in this election, to you?

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  1. Ridiculous isn’t it! We are the babbling idiots of the world, we consume more waste more and complain more. But we refuse to educate ourselves more, stand up more, conserve more. If the wrong candidate wins I seriously think I will become an expat and get the hell up out of here.

    Debo Hobos last blog post..Pre-Weekend Elixir- Fallen Leaves

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