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I was running late today, big surprise huh? LOL. But I’m on lunch now and wanted to share some things that are on my mind. You see, I have the desire to go back to school because I feel I have unfinished business, fortunately I’m at the stage where I can pick up where I left off and change my major if I want to, since I stopped at the sophomore level.

However, I do not know what I want to be or do when I grow up, sure I have an idea of what I like to do, and I know what I’m good at. But I’d like to do something fun, something that won’t make me hate my job after six months. I know that’s a tall order for me, but I want to find my niche in this life because let’s face it, I’m staring down 30 while it’s running full force in my direction. I don’t have much time left before I’m an old lady. I want to spend some of this life happy in my job.

I just took a “Career Analyzer” test at, you guessed it, and it tells me I should be a Writer. But that in itself is a diverse field, and can be incredibly competitive and really, I’m not sure I’m that good, but maybe with some formal training I could be. Let me ask you a question about MouthyGirl, if you’ll allow me to:

Do you sit there reading my drivel and think, this is like a train wreck, I want to look away but I.just.can’t? Tell me what you think, honestly, I can take it.

Well anyway, the second recommendation was that I should be a News Analyst, Reporter or Correspondent, which sounds pretty cool if you ask me, I stay interested in current events and really if I didn’t control myself I could watch the news all day, but my blood pressure would be up and I’d be an emotional wreck, so I quickly turn to VH1 after my daily dose, or when the stories start repeating, whichever comes first.

The third recommendation was funny to me because I started college intending to be something like this, the test suggests I become a Social Scientist. Not opposed to that, except well, I stopped with that major because I like to think that I’m not crazy or dysfunctional and I’m almost positive that once I started delving into my own psyche that I’d find things I didn’t want to find and would be too disillusioned to practice my chosen field. I often joke that I don’t want to find out how crazy I or my family is so it’s best I stay ignorant to the whole thing. Funny thing is, I know we’re all crazy so it wouldn’t be news. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The fourth recommendation was for me to take up Psychology. Um, are we beginning to notice a trend? I am. But psychology is a little scary to me because those people is crazy! No I jest, I just am not sure I want to put myself in the line of fire… you’ve heard of those clients, the ones that either fall in love with you and stalk you and can’t have you so they kill you or the ones that think you’re out to get them so they kill you. Not sure I want a piece of that action at all.

Ironically, the field I am in is all the way down to recommendation number 10. Isn’t that funny, it tells me writing is the deal for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you think so? So as much as my brain tells me there’s no money in writing, maybe that’s it. I’ve done that the longest, even when I was a child I was trying to. I wrote about that on “Bring Out Your Bears” when DCR tagged me, I swear I’ll find that binder and photograph it to show you all my little juvenile attempt at a fictional/dream life. Yes DCR I promise, there will be pictures. You’ll all laugh your asses off.

So maybe I have some bad news to break to my boss soon? LOL. I do definitely think it’s time to do some research on those top three recommended fields. But my lunch is almost over and as much as I’d like to write to you all day, I must do that supportive/administrative/clerical crap that I do (read:lackey/gopher) and earn that paycheck.

I hope you’re all having a great day, again I apologize for the late post, but boy is it getting harder everyday to drag myself out of the house to come to this job…

Happy Friday!



One thought on “GirlFriday Analyze Me, Paralyze Me

  1. My top were :
    1. Writers and editors
    2. News analysts, reporters, and correspondents
    3. Social workers
    4. Counselors
    5. Teachers-special education

    My current profession didn’t seem to be represented in any of the questions and I went to school for teaching…it is not really for me.

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