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Sorry I missed you guys yesterday, my mojo was NOT working at all for me yesterday. I knew that it would show and since I didn’t have anything nice to say…well I decided to write it down and post it today. LOL!

So today, potentially we have a new segment, maybe not every Tuesday it’ll go up, but when I get particularly irritated…I’ll do a Talkin’ Shit Tuesday. Even though I’m ALWAYS talkin’ shit. The idea behind this is to explore an avenue where we run our mouths about what pisses us off.

Like me being pissed off about having to hear about celebrities on the evening news. That pisses me off because I don’t care about them, they don’t affect my day to day life. So HELLO! I don’t want to hear about it every day! It’s bullshit that after I hear about the stock market I have to hear “entertainment news“, how about something really entertaining during entertainment news, like dumb criminals for instance, that’s entertainment and you know there is plenty to pick from, you know this.

Or the irritation I have of eighteen wheeler trucks driving in the fast lane. That is wrong on so many levels that I just can’t believe more hasn’t been done about it. First, it has no business in the fast lane, it burns more gas than the time it saves. Second, it’s too easy to misjudge where a car is and if the truck is speeding, of course it’s lights out for the car driver. Third, they’re too damn slow for the fast lane and I get so irritated when I see the bastards holding me up. Ahem, MOVE BITCH GET OUT THE WAY!

Two highways near and dear to this old area of mine don’t allow trucks in the left lane. THANK YOU TEXAS! Can we now echo this throughout all major highways in the nation please?

Let me tell you what else irks me, all these goofy little tv shows teaching my son how to be a smart ass. Yeah, um Drake and Josh I got a bone to pick with y’all, Zack and Cody, you too, we remember you’re little behind from Big Daddy. We know you can wipe your own asses but that’s not cute anymore. Stop it with the sarcasm.

Maybe I’ll just make him stop watching the little twerps, but I know eventually he’ll get that from me. I’m sarcastic. You didn’t know? Oh yeah. All the time. So realistically, he could be getting it from me and I’d just like to point the finger. Maybe….not. 😈

Another thing that pisses me off of late, is all the bullshit talk about our future president. The first black president of the United States of America. I’m proud of this country. VERY PROUD. The fact that we saw through the skin color and elected a WORTHY president to our nation, one that wouldn’t be more of the same. We took a leap and have landed on someone who I hope like Teddy Roosevelt did all those years ago and lead us into a better day for this nation.

I heard someone say that they thought Obama could be the AntiChrist. I had to stifle a laugh. Really? That person let her fear of change make her look and sound like a radical. She was serious. I don’t begrudge people their points of view and opinions and I’m certainly not going to judge that person for that view, or the other racist things that she said. But I will say my eyes were opened and I was surprised with that conversation, shocked that it would come to that, that she would utter those words.

Ultimately, I am proud of where our country has been, and where it is going. But I must say, as long as there is racism, we won’t get very far. It pisses me off that people I actually know could be so, shortsighted. Beyond that I am without words. It has been said far better than here what racism will do to this country if it continues, or gets worse and I can say at least for myself, that in my opinion no matter what our color of skin, beneath the skin, we’re all the same. Period.

So tell me, what pisses you off? What would you like to talk shit about today?



4 thoughts on “Talkin’ Shit Tuesday

  1. I think Franklin Roosevelt led us to better days..maybe Teddy did, too. I don’t know.
    I say Bush was the Anti Christ…would that make Obama the Messiah? lol.

  2. We are going to see folks true fucking colors in the days to come. It turns out that my former fiance is a racist. It was okay for him and his family to marry me as long as my race “knew their place” but when the realization that a black was going to be in charge their little minds and even smaller hearts couldn’t fathom it. Amazing!!!!

    Debo Hobos last blog post..America’s Veterans Answered The Call

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