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Now it’s not often I send you away from here for anything, but for today’s Wednesday Fwd I am. It’s so worth it. First let me say, my inbox is having a hard time providing me with funny forwards. I get lots of forwards, don’t get me wrong, but not incredibly funny ones. So if you’d like to help the cause that is Wednesday Fwd on MouthyGirl, send your funny ass emails to :

Thank you šŸ™‚

Now let’s get to it”

1st look and see the Whale under the water.

Keep your cursor OUT of the picture until you see the whale.

Then move your mouse cursor onto the picture, but stand back, you might get wet
(it’s like it’s 3D). Click on the picture when it loads completely and
be sure that your sound is on…

The World’s Most Dangerous Creature.


Now don’t forget to send your literally LOL funny forwards to…thanks!



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