Lost a Friend Over the Election

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Well folks, I think I’ve lost a friend. I think it’s safe to say after two weeks that she won’t be calling me. It’s a sad thing for me. We’ve been friends for just about ten years. I’m mad, but I’m in mourning. She meant a lot to me and despite what a lot of people said about her, I looked up to her because of her strong will and resolve to get the things done that she wanted done in her life.

The saddest part is why. I voted early on October 30, 2008. That evening she and I spoke for a while, not long, but a little bit, I mentioned that I had voted, she asked me who I had voted for, I knew that was a loaded question because I knew from a past conversation that we would not be voting for the same person. But I didn’t begrudge her her opinion, nor did I expect her to begrudge me mine. But I didn’t tell her right off, because I didn’t want to argue with her.

But that’s exactly what she did. She asked me if I had consulted the bible when I did my research, I laughingly responded, “No.” because I didn’t, nor have I ever consulted the bible before choosing my candidate, for anything. That bible was written before America was even founded, what could it have to tell me about the 2008 election? In my opinion, nothing.

Then I told her who I voted for. Then out from her flowed a hate I have never personally experienced at her hand. It dissappointed me on a level I cannot explain. I’ve yet to hear from her after that evening, once I mentioned who I voted for and she said those things that she said, we got off the phone. I sent her a text message when we returned from our cruise, letting her know we’ve returned safely I’ve still yet to hear from her.

I don’t think I will. Honestly though, if that’s the kind of person that she is, that she would let my voting preference be the decider of our friendship, I’m sad to say she must not have been my friend after all. I will have fond memories, but I think that’s where she will stay because I don’t need friends who judge, because boy do I have a lot to be judged for if that’s what she’ll be doing. With each day that passes, the more I become sure that she’s decided because of my vote, that we are no longer friends. I hope she realizes that she may forgive herself and me for my vote, but I don’t feel I need forgiving and I don’t appreciate for a moment being judged by someone who preaches the gospel. That is pure hypocrasy in it’s truest form, and I do not wish to be associated with that.


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