What is the Point?

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I’m often asked when I mention MouthyGirl.com to people, what do I write about? Who is my audience? I am always left scrambling for words, trying to explain why I do this and who I’m doing it for.

The simple answer is I do it for myself. I write and hopefully some like minded individuals and even those not like minded, will read what I’ve written and either think I’m crazy or want to read more. The latter of course is what I hope for.

I started this site initially just intending to get my voice out there. To join the chorus of women who have found a place to have their opinion heard, however small a number of people there are listening. To show that my opinion is not unlike others out there and to hopefully attract a community of people who feel like I do about the world and all that goes on in it.

Tired of the bullshit, tired of the games, ready for people to realize what’s important in life and stop all the nonsense. I realize there are always going to be those that love the bullshit, games and nonsense I’m just not one of them, and I thought surely I’m not alone in that.

Honestly I want to parlay this into a magazine someday. Add a few other writers, maybe a couple of review writers too. Maybe one day that magazine will turn into a tv channel or network or something where we can have our own MouthyGirl version of the news. I don’t know, but I have ambitions and thought I’d just let you as my readers lead me where you want me to go. Trouble is you guys don’t talk much. šŸ˜‰

My overall point to writing this blog is to share an alternative opinion. One that doesn’t care about Hollywood and celebrities and what the tabloid news has to tell us. I don’t have big ideas for a movement of some sort, or an uprising of any kind. Not at all. I just know I’m not the only one out there that’s tired of having smoke blown up my ass by our government, being told that Hollywood determines sexy and working my ass off to end up in credit card debt hell.

I’m tired of being constantly advertised at and having products marketed to me that have no appeal at all, medicines that have side effects that are worse than the initial problem. We are a nation more inclined to drug our children instead of disciplining them and have simply stopped teaching them how to be good men and strong women for our future.

We give our kids diagnoses of ADD and ADHD and prescribe them Ritalyn to slow them down, changing their chemical makeup. Starting a chemical dependence early in life to solve problems. We are a nation always looking for a pill. A cure all. We are a do no work nation, make a pill for it and I’ll take it, but if it involves work, no thank you, I just can’t do it.

I for one am tired of it. Tired of all the bullshit in this nation, the unnecessary bullshit. It’s time for every man and woman in this nation to get with it, get after it and get right. I’m here to talk about that. To talk about things that matter to us. Not always, I’ll deviate sometimes to something silly, but I’ll always try to talk about things that matter to the real people in this world, the ones out their giving it their all every day.

How are you doin?


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