Bad Idea for a Song

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Don’t you ever wonder what the thought process is that allows some people to do certain things…to you the end result is predictable, obvious even and yet to some people there is a naivete about them and they do things that make us laugh. Very very hard.

For example…this guy who wrote a rap song about shooting someone. Called out his victim’s name in the song even! I bet he’s sitting in jail right now, wondering why he’s there. DUH! What was the thought process man???

And I also read a story that I thought was pretty funny, not really a what was the thought process, dumbass kind of thing, but funny just the same…here’s the video of a flamingo being recaptured for the zoo that it lives in. LOL!

Then there’s the thought process behind genius ideas that makes me wonder…could I have an idea that made everyone say “Wow!”? Is it possible that I too, could one day inspire awe? Last night I sat down after hearing the hubby exclaim in awe a few times and watched as he navigated the “New Xbox Live Experience” and I gotta tell ya, it kicks ass!

You can read more about it here and see a demonstration you too will be impressed. If you own an Xbox and have an Xbox Live account and haven’t been on in a few days, check it out, you’ll be super impressed and I’m no gamer.

Well anyways everyone, I’m in a great mood today because it’s almost Friday! See y’all tomorrow!



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