Happy New Year! To You, From Me

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Oh boy what a year 2008 was. A lot changed for our family in this year, my family added two new members and nearly lost one and are so thankful that we didn’t. While there were good things in 2008, there were a few things I’m happy to leave behind. Bring it on 2009!

This coming year my son will be 12, I will be 30 and looking onward a new decade. In this coming decade a lot will happen in my life and hopefully as well in 2009. Here’s to what’s coming up! 🙂

I hope you all have a relaxed day full of pleasant memories and maybe a drink or two. Don’t drink and drive, and have a safe new years!


I got this link in my email this morning and decided I couldn’t come up with anything better to lead us off into the new year.

But before I post the video, I wanted to say thank you for reading, I hope this last year provided memories that you will always cherish and that the next year brings you much love, joy and personal success.

Happy New Year!


Sabrina a.k.a. MouthyGirl


See You Tomorrow!

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For the longest time when I started working at my current job, I would stop in the morning at a corner store here. Every morning. I was drinking that Monster energy drink daily at the time and stopped to get it there each day. When I broke the habit of drinking those, I started getting grief from the store owner because I wasn’t coming in as often. His usual, “See you tomorrow!” became, “wrong time! wrong time! we don’t see you in the morning no more?” and so on…

At first I took it with a smile, thought it was nice that he was so friendly, yada yada. But then one day it struck me that I didn’t owe him my business and it started getting on my nerves. It’s one thing to be friendly but it’s a whole different thing to be annoying and act like someone should be patronizing your business every day.

I got so annoyed with it that I hardly go anymore. I stopped in this morning because I needed a drink for later in the day and he was polite and asked after my family. Nice, but I think fortunately and finally I’ve fallen into the different category of shopper. The occasional shopper. He did ask me if I drink coffee and I said no (one of his tactics to try to get me there each day, for free coffee).

I do drink coffee, but I don’t want it from his store because I don’t know how fresh it is. The coffee I have at work I make, so I know how fresh it is, and it’s how I like it, and it’s also free.

Have you ever decided to stop shopping somewhere because of something the staff has done?


Holiday Cheer and the New Year

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Well, I had a great week, I only really had one day off to relax, but that’s okay. I saw a lot of family and we don’t spend near as much time together as we’d like so that was a good thing.

All the children in the family are of course growing and getting cuter every day, it’s amazing to see.

2009 is upon us and in three days we will greet a new year and begin to lay plans for it.

Have you made any resolutions yet for the new year? If you have what are they?

I saw that cheesy commercial for Weight Watchers, David Lee Roth’s ex wife I forget her name, where she talks to the camera about 2008 being the first year she doesn’t resolve to lose weight and then 2009 being the second year. She gets all emotional, yada yada. So cheesy.

I haven’t made any resolutions yet, except one really and that’s to go back to school.


My family was excited to hear that I’m going back, and I’m sort of excited about it too. It’s time to finish what I started, and better sooner than later.

For those of you that went to the movies over the last week, what did you see? How did you like it?

But the burning question is…..what’s in store for your 2009?


Christmas Eve Traditions…

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What do you do traditionally on this day? Some of you start your gift exchange on this day, have you opened any gifts yet?

What were they if you have?

I am writing this on Sunday and if I know me, as you read this I still haven’t gone shopping. 😀 I dig the last minute thrills and chills.

If I get some cool stuff for the little guy I may let him open one a day early, we’ll see, but for now, tell me what you’re up to today…