Direction in a Lost World

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Every couple of days I get tips in my email through an organization that my mother in law works with at her company. I’ve found these tips to be very helpful in life and in child rearing. 🙂 We could all use help understanding our children. The thought occurred to me that I should share some of my favorites, so I thought today would be a good day to do that. Read on…

By the time a child turns eleven, cooperation becomes more complex. The preteen wants life to be fair, and may see cooperation as giving up and giving in.

Parents can turn this around by focusing on family identity. This means four things:

1. We’re in this together.
2. The family has leaders (parents) and followers (children).
3. We can listen, talk, and negotiate.
4. Each family member has to contribute to the family well-being.

This approach will help parents avoid arguments that start with “It’s not fair.”

William D. Brown, author of “Welcome Stress! It Can Help You Be Your Best” said, “Failure is an event, never a person.”

By adopting this attitude, people can stop beating themselves up when they face a situation that involves failure. Instead, thinking of failure as an event lets you learn from the mistakes, decide how to do things differently, and move on from failure to success. ”

Those are just two of the multitude of tips. What tips have you heard over the years that aid you in your day to day activities? Share them here, we could all use the help!


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  1. I am constantly having to remind myself that yelling doesn’t work. It can be a great immediate release but my kids just don’t respond well to it. Getting down to their level and talking works better.
    Great tips!

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