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Our nation is changing drastically and daily. Every day the news brings tales of death, destruction, poverty, war, politics and a generous helping of information about “famous people” that live in the Hollywood bubble.

We’re raising kids who have expensive taste on a middle class income, trying to provide for them today and for their future by saving for college, which is nearly an impossibility for some of us.

We have elected the first black president of the United States because he promises change and a refocusing of our nations attention on our nation, not those outside our borders that are not interested in our own well being. He promises to refocus this nations attention from outsourcing our work and jobs back to this nation, back to “Main Street, America”.

I, for one, am excited at the prospect of a return to sanity and logical thought processes in this country. A return to sensible thinking, conservative spending and concern for the people of the country, rather than the corporations of this country. I tread lightly into this topic because I have yet to be 100% confident in Barack Obama. Yes, I voted. Yes, I voted for him, because the opponent was just not a viable candidate in my opinion. That does not mean I am not skeptical of his intentions. Party affiliations I’m coming to believe mean nothing, at the end of the day we are not identified by our party, we are identified by our values, morals and what we’ve accomplished in life.

As I listened to Barack Obama’s acceptance speech, I was proud of our nation, proud that we could embrace change so wholeheartedly and willingly, in truth our nation’s people were screaming for it, craving a difference in the way we are viewed it’s time for Washington to ask me what I need from my country, not just assuming it knows.

What do you think about the incoming president?


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