Gift Giving: Spouse or Significant Other

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The hardest part of Christmas to me is buying for the hubby. We both want so much, so it’s hard to nail down something that I can get him that one, he’ll like, two, he’ll use and three, that’s not going to cost an arm and a leg.

So I wanted to take a poll of my readers and ask you, do you guess what your spouse or significant other might want for Christmas or do you make it easy on yourself and ask outright what they want?

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What’s your success rate? Are they typically pretty happy with what you’ve gotten them if you guessed?

Also I wanted to make it a little fun too, so now I ask another question (I know I’m full of curiosity today ;D)…

What’s the worst gift you ever bought, and did the recipient agree? What was their reaction?

One more question….what are you hoping to get this year more than anything else?

This should be fun! Happy Thursday everyone, see you back here tomorrow for GirlFriday!


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