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I’ve been inspired recently to make some changes with and I thought I’d mention them and get your input. This isn’t going to be a poll, so for all of you lurkers who like to read but not interact, I’d like you to participate today because I value your input as well.

I’m thinking of taking this blog into more of a magazine direction. Maybe posting more frequently with news, I mean real news, maybe some general interest stories, health information, etc. Tell me what you think. Also, if you could tell me what your favorite magazines are to read, when and if you read them so I can get a better idea of what you like.

I know no one reads magazines anymore so if you read them online, that counts too. šŸ˜‰

I’d also like to start a column, a sort of advice column but not restricted to love advice like Dear Abby or etiquette advice like Dear Margo (though she is my favorite because she’s so spicy).

But I thought it might be kind of cool to be able to interact with you, share my opinion on your situations, if you like, and have a good time, maybe even a laugh.

So tell me your thoughts, all of you, is there anything you think you should be seeing here that you haven’t yet, any topics you’d like me to talk about?

And here is a fun little video…


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