I’m Gonna Try It!

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I’ve seen this more and more on TV and I’m very curious about how well it m ay work. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of fresh herbs and spices in the kitchen, but knowing my lack of a green thumb, never really fully embraced the idea of having them.

But now I have no excuse, because they’ve made it ridiculously easy for us to get healthier. I want this for Christmas…

Don’t you?! I think it would be awesome to yank a tomato off my plant at any time I want to and have a tomato, or have burgers with fresh tomato, that I grew!

We all know that we have to do something to get healthier, so why not do something easy? One reviewer said this about it, “Grow herbs and more, even with the ‘thumb of death’..”which I ironically possess!

I couldn’t ask for more confirmation really, this is incredibly encouraging. So yes, I’d like to have fresh chives, tomatoes, rosemary and all sorts of other seasonings and herbs we don’t use much right now.

What would you grow if you had one?


3 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Try It!

  1. Today a friend of mine asked my husband if you were me. He was absolutely *certain* you just *had* to be me, so I figured I should visit your site to see if I should feel insulted or flattered. πŸ˜‰ I see why he thought you were me! We seem to share political views, live in close proximity, can both pick locks, and our husbands happen to work at the same company, and on top of all that….you won’t believe this… but I *just* bought that crazy Aerogarden contraption last week!! I got the white space saver version, and the basil is just now sprouting. So far, I highly recommend getting one πŸ˜€

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