Official Christmas Freak Out!

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It’s a week until Christmas and I haven’t bought a SINGLE GIFT! It’s officially time to freak out. At my age though, shouldn’t I be a tad more organized?

Enter reality show….


Crap, there’s not a show for this? Oh I’m in deep now…

It’s times like this where I think back through my disorganized life, would you believe even my memories are all disorganized as well? Yeah, you’re not surprised. Me either. Birthdays, holidays – I can know they’re coming all year long, just like Christmas and I still won’t be prepared.

Everyone has something that they loathe, they just hate doing it. Shopping is my kryptonite. I HATE IT. Did I say that already? But like any fear, obstacle or problem, this I shall overcome.

Part of the reason I hate shopping I bring onto myself, by waiting like I do until the very last possible minute to handle this, I put myself right into the frenzy of crazy shoppers that are looking for that perfect gift.

Discipline is what I need. I need to be disciplined about shopping, when I know something is coming, the minute I find out I should get out there, take care of business and not have to dash frantically at the last minute to get something done. But discipline is not something that’s my strong suit. LOL. See what I did there?

I would shop online, but I’m one of those kind of people that likes immediate gratification when I make a purchase, I want to hold it for confirmation that it now belongs to me, I don’t like to wait, unless that’s the only way I could get that deal.

I’m beginning to appear impatient aren’t I?

How do you look at shopping? What makes you enjoy it?

I need a new perspective on shopping, can I borrow yours?


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