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Dear Reader,

I decided to write this letter because I needed to say thank you. Thank you for coming here when you do, however often that is, even if this is your first time reading my words, thank you.

I would send you all a thank you card, or an e-greeting but I think that might be a bit excessive, a blogger sending cards to her readers.

But honestly, I appreciate those of you that come here day after day to read my musings, my silliness, my meme’s and general ramblings. I’m really not all that interesting. I have opinions much like you, I’m sure we share a few, you are here after all. But I am thankful too, because of you. Everyday I write something, whether it’s a little something or
a lot of something, it’s something.

I used to write in high school and as the saying goes, when I was no longer a child, I put down childish things, I thought my writing was childish, what I didn’t realize was while the
content was childish, the writing itself was not.

You’ve given me a reason to write, and it’s something I sincerely love doing. I feel again that passion that I felt when I was a teenager, writing my childish anguish out on paper, expressing my feelings and getting them off my chest in the only way that I knew how at the time. I still have an easier time writing my feelings than discussing them, but I’ve grown up a lot since then and can communicate pretty efficiently I think.

Thanks to you the fire is re-ignited in me to write, thanks to you I carry around a little notebook and write ideas down daily…well almost daily. Thanks to you I feel inspired to write every day and guilty when I don’t.

I appreciate what you’ve brought out in me, I’ve spent a lot of years wondering what I was meant to do, trying to find purpose and reason for my existence, and I honestly feel that while it may not be that I was put here for, it’s got something to do with writing, so thank you for providing an outlet for me.


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