Best / Worst Gifts You’ve Gotten…

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The best gift I ever received I can’t disclose here, but I can tell you it is still being used today and I received it four to five years ago.

There really is no worst gift for me, honestly I don’t usually have an answer when people ask me what I want for Christmas. I am a content person most of the time and have to search my mind for things I might want. Usually I ask for my favorite perfumes, one of which is expensive, by my definition and one that is pretty reasonably priced.

So I have no worst story to tell, but I’m sure you do, so now it’s your turn on the floor… What was the best/worst gift you ever got and why?

Who gave it to you and how did you react?

Tell us all the juicy details…..




One thought on “Best / Worst Gifts You’ve Gotten…

  1. my First Christmas as a Mrs. and my Mother in law got me a vacume cleaner…I was nice abou tit but i really was a bit upset … was it a slap in the face that she didnt think my floors ere clean enough or did she know i needed a new sweeper, I was greatful but something eles would have been cooler.

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