Have an iPhone? Try the reject of all PDA’s, the Dash…

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Never have I ever been so irritated with a phone I paid so much damn money for. I paid for what should have been like a small pc when I got this phone, you know what I got? A PIECE OF SHIT!

I defy you to prove me wrong.

I can only have a 2 gig micro sd in it because it won’t read anything bigger, it constantly tells me my memory is full and all I have on the damn thing is Google Maps and BT Audio, so um PULEEZ! Too full?

What’s worse is that hubby has a wing and a coworker has a Blackberry so you know I’m feeling like I got the short end of the memory stick.

You see it all started when I got the idea that it would be really cool to blog from my phone. So I call up my lovely T-mobile and talk to a rep, who is supposed to be in the know.


She should’ve known that I would only get pissed off by this phone, not enjoy it. I have more limitations than I do capabilities.

So word of advice, if you’re gonna drop a few hundred on a PDA (even though now they’re giving the piece of shit away) don’t buy the Dash.

Buy the damn iPhone, like I wish I had.


2 thoughts on “Have an iPhone? Try the reject of all PDA’s, the Dash…

  1. 😆 😛 As you know MG, I JUST LUV LUV MY BLACKBERRY CURVE! You that that sales rep probably got a little extra somethin’ somethin’ for selling you that POS. Next time ask us in the know… 😛 :roll:

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